Storytelling can be a powerful force for social change. It can be a tool for giving vulnerable groups and individuals a voice. It can be a tool for building leadership and  strengthening identity. The personal narrative can also be a powerful tool for spreading awareness, opening minds, and educating the masses in a way that resonates within our common humanity. Storytelling through the current and emerging digital tools can transform the way we think about and use the power of personal voice in creating change.  

The FutureSpark Digital Storytelling Project was created as a platform for the FutureSpark scholars to tell their stories and have their voices heard on a global platform. It was also designed as a way to build a global community to support positive social change through collaboration and social innovation. But above all, the owners of the project are the girls themselves, all of whom mastered the digital tools after a 1 week workshop. Our digital storytelling project was launched with the first digital storytelling workshop, where the first cohort of FutureSpark scholarship recipients- the FutureSpark scholars- came together to participate in the first digital media workshop in the community of Mafalala in Mozambique. Using mobile devices and the iMovie app, the girls learned to craft and express their stories through digital media tools while learning about editing techniques for connecting with their audience. We hope to continue to grow and build this project as a global collaborative effort. Please check out the projects, and check back as we add more in the coming months.

This Digital Storytelling Project could not continue without the support of our global community. Because our crowdfunding is strictly allocated to scholarships for the girls, we do not have the additional resources to buy equipment and materials for the digital media workshops or the girls' projects. Therefore, we depend on in-kind donations, including used ipods, cameras, and computers, for the girls to use in the digital media workshops. If you have any gently used items that you would like to donate to the project, please see our Wish List below for more information or send us an email. We would would be incredibly grateful for any donated items that the girls could use for their projects.

Do you have an old camera or iPad? Your in-kind donations help the girls have access to digital tools that they otherwise would not have access to. We are always in need of gently used digital tools, and old devices including:

  • iPods, iPads, & iPhones
  • digital cameras
  • tripods & microphones
  • laptops and computers

Thank you for all your support!