FutureSpark Scholars Program

Launched in 2016, the FutureSpark Scholar Program improves access to education for girls by raising scholarships for their secondary school education. Why secondary school? In many countries, while primary school is free, secondary school requires small fees. For families living in poverty, paying even small school fees can be a burden impossible to bear, resulting in daughters being pulled out of school, forced to marry, or work to support the family. This also makes the girls more vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking, early pregnancy and complications, and sexually transmitted diseases. However, if the financial barrier is removed, a girl can finish her basic education, thus increasing her capacity to exit from poverty, remain healthy, marry and have children when she is ready, and create a brighter, healthier future for herself and family.

Through our online platform, we crowd fund for educational scholarships, while also acting as a platform for advocacy and empowerment for the girls. We organize web-based crowd funding campaigns in the global community, while conducting mentorship and leadership workshops with the girls in their communities to help them learn about digital media tools as a means to having their voices heard and engendering self-empowerment. We bridge these two components through the FutureSpark Digital Storytelling Project, where we showcase the impact of these scholarships through projects created by the girls themselves.

Can $27 change a life? It can for a FutureSpark Scholar.

That's all it takes to help a girl finish her education, and help her remain in control of her future. A gift of $27 can change an entire life, and in turn impact an entire family and community.

But here's another amazing fact: $27 isn't even necessary to change a life. You can give $1 and change a life. Then tell a friend or a colleague. Share the cause in your community, and with other global citizens. Your small act of sharing can make an impact greater than you might expect. One dollar at a time, we can impact many lives, and help vulnerable girls around the world. That is the power of crowd-funding. That is the power of joining a global community. Collectively, we can become a global force for change. For less than a cup of coffee.  

FACT: over 50 million 12-year old girls live in poverty and cannot afford to finish secondary school.

FACT: For every year a girl stays in school, her income increases by 10-25%.

FACT: Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to educate their children.

FACT: Women will invest 3 times more of their incomes into their families than men.

FACT: When a girl is educated, she will become a role model for her younger sisters and brothers, and other youth in her community.

Investing in girls and young women yields the highest returns of any social change strategy. The direct and indirect impacts of secondary school scholarships is a result of the multiplier effect of investing in a single girl’s education. With your support, the FutureSpark Scholars program is able to also offer a powerful message to the girls: You are worthy of a bright future, and you are empowered as an individual.