Another Year for the Books.


In 2016, FutureSpark piloted its flagship program, the FutureSpark Scholar Program. The program aims to improve access to education for girls by raising scholarships for their secondary school education. Today, we are pleased to announce that, as a result of our initial pilot project, our first group of scholarship recipients- the 2017 FutureSpark Scholars- have successfully transitioned to high school and, with their skills acquired in our digital media workshops, are sharing their stories on a global level. These girls have been able to overcome the obstacles that keep millions of girls from continuing into secondary school, and in doing so, have shown the next generation of girls that they too can overcome these obstacles. These FutureSpark Scholars have also sparked conversations in their communities about the importance of educating girls, and particular challenges adolescent girls face in accessing education. We will be sharing our annual report on our site shortly. Please check back soon.


Data compiled by Nunc Sollicitudin.