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If you want to see change in the world, invest in a girl.  

FutureSpark works to support the empowerment of adolescent girls in impoverished communities through digital and social innovation, and improved access to education. We leverage digital tools and open-source platforms to disrupt the cycles of poverty and exploitation. Through community collaboration, we support girls in overcoming barriers to a brighter future, and help them become agents of change in their own communities.  

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Because every girl has the power to spark change for the future.


Supporting education and innovation for brighter futures and more resilient communities. 

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Annual Report

Today's students. Tomorrow's leaders.

The reality in today's world is that girls face immense challenges simply because they are girls. Poverty, exploitation, forced marriage and early/forced pregnancy all make girls particularly vulnerable during their adolescent years. In Mozambique, where more than 60% of people live on $2 a day or less, families must often choose whether to send a child to school or use that money for food and other necessities. A daughter is often forced to marry or drop out of school to enter the work force in order to earn income for the family, making her vulnerable to exploitation, early pregnancy, and more likely to remain in poverty as an adult. This ultimately becomes a cycle where poverty and exploitation are difficult to escape. 

However, we believe this cycle  can be disrupted, and transformed into a cycle of empowerment.  Our flagship project, the FutureSpark Girls Education Fund, aims to address a specific obstacle to education: the cost of sending a daughter to school. For a family living in poverty, even minimal school fees can become a barrier to education. However, by filling the gap and removing this financial barrier, she can remain in school and remain in control of her future. Through our online platform, we crowd fund for small scholarships, ranging from $50-$100, in order to remove the financial barrier to education. Every cent donated through our crowdfunding platform directly helps girls pay for school fees, books, supplies, and safe transportation. These small scholarships not only allow the girls to finish their secondary school education, but also strengthen each girl's ability to create a brighter, healthier future for herself, her family and her community. Together, we create web-based crowd funding campaigns in the global community, while also working with individual girls and their communities to help them learn about digital media tools as a means to having their voices heard and empowering themselves. We bridge these two components through the FutureSpark Digital Storytelling Project, our web-based collaborative platform for broadcasting the impact of these scholarships through storytelling projects created by the girls themselves.

Our pilot project in Mafalala, Mozambique.

Our pilot project in Mafalala, Mozambique.

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“Perhaps no other segment of society globally faces as much exploitation and injustice, and we owe girls our support as integral, yet overlooked, members of the human family.”

World Food Prize Laureate Catherine Bertini

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